After the terrorist attack on the Russian aircraft over the Sinai, which killed 224 people, we learn from The Wall Street Journal, that the CIA urges Saudi Arabia and Turkey to provide "certain Syrian rebels" with a weapon that can hit passenger liners.


The question arises – how can John Kerry confront Sergei Lavrov at the Vienna talks? In the ISIL video (it was later removed), five insurgents congratulated their Egyptian "brothers" on their success. But could they actually destroy the plane? The Pentagon deploys its forces in Syria, as Washington supports the supply of weapons to "moderate opposition" through Saudis and Turks.


It's mind boggling, that we are talking about man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) capable of downing a passenger airliner. But no worries here — weapons go to the “carefully selected rebels." The US and its regional allies are expanding weapon supplies to help "moderate rebels" remain in power and thereby undermine the role of Russia and Iran, which are Assad's allies. This happens despite the public statements of President Obama's reluctance to stir up the Russian-American conflict.


Recently one of the spokesmen of Obama administration claimed that the US military is pressuring and demanding the overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile the CIA has the nerve to deny its involvement: "There might be some old MANPADS there, but they were delivered to Syria using networks uncontrolled by the CIA." In fact, US intelligence and its partners funneled TOW anti-tank missiles to the "selected  rebels" in the north of Syria a few weeks ago, when Russia stepped up its involvement.


The cherry on top is the statement that the weapons will be equipped with "special software so that it can be used only in a particular area." Obviously, it's insufficient for the US to simply supply the anti-tank missiles to the rebels fighting pro-Iranian forces. Now Washington and Saudi Arabia are planning to give these rebels the opportunity to hit aircrafts.


If the weapons get into the “wrong hands” — the best case scenario is that Russian combat aviation can be the target; the worst case —  passenger liners. Western Media simply operate with these facts (if at all) with a complete lack of understanding of the possible consequences. Noam Chomsky, a staunch opponent of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, has been stressing for several consecutive months now that all this inevitably will lead to a global nuclear war. The United States treats Russia as if it was Honduras or Grenada. There is simply no limit to their madness. Therefore, France should withdraw from NATO urgently.