Will anyone believe Barack Obama, who recently declared that the US and its western allies are going to — track ISIL relentlessly, terminate it, and liberate the lands occupied by it, cut off its financial resources, and dismantle its supporting networks. Who will believe the US president or any other western leader when they are claiming to lead a real war against the terrorism groups — which were created by the West?


It seems that these statements are just to be consumed by the public opinion. After all, it's not western lands that are occupied by ISIL. So why should they care? However, it might be just another excuse to conquer new territories. When Barack Obama took office as the US president, some people were optimistic, believing that this would be a good omen for the country and the rest of the world — indicating a change of the US's aggressive approach and its role as the world policeman, especially after his speech at the Egyptian university when Obama promised the Middle East a change and openness to the world. 


Middle Eastern countries couldn't see through the rhetoric of the new refreshing president at that time. Following the George W. Bush presidency, no one suspected that the newly elected democratic nominee Barack Obama would promise a "change,” yet meaning "destruction" to the region. Who could have thought that this young African American man, full of promises and hope, will bring a much worse devastation to the Middle East than his republican predecessor. 


Today Obama is promising to defeat ISIL and its leaders, and finally free the lands it occupied. How is the US leader planning on doing all this? Obama has stressed on several occasions that the US doesn't have the intention to demolish ISIL, it simply wants to limit its expansion, meanwhile some of US Generals managed to supply ammunitions and weapons to ISIL strongholds, while other military advisers were busy training its elements in Jordan. It will be hard to believe Barack Obama or Francois Hollande, just as before no one believed Sarkozy. All of these powers are using ISIL as a political tool to execute their policies which are rejected by their own people.

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Syrian Migrants - EU Refugee Crisis

François Hollande, presumably leftist, exploits the Paris tragedy and rushes to meet the right-wing demands to crack down on immigrants, while ignoring the French citizens involved in Paris attacks. The concern is not for the suicide bombers who blow themselves up amongst innocent people, but for others who seek shelter in the West, fleeing the destruction created by Barack Obama and western policies in Middle Eastern countries. The concern is for those seeking job opportunities and  safe existence. Those fleeing the Takfiris in Algeria and other distraught countries. It's these people who will pay the price for Jean-Marie Le Pen's policy which has become the general policy of the whole West, not only the extreme far-right.


France and other western powers have become right-wing. Not ISIL, which will pay the price, because the terrorists' leaders are neither in Iraq, nor in Syria, nor even in Paris or Brussels; they are actually in Washington's Langley and in Mossad, where the new colonial policies are created. Thus, it's not likely that Obama will cut ISIL's funding which is flowing directly from oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which former French PM Manuel Valls rejected to accuse of funding and arming terrorists.


Jean-Marie Le Pen in one of his aggressive rhetorics, said "we should behead extremist fighters and terrorists.” The man might have nostalgia to his old job that he used to do on the outskirts of Algeria, where he used to torture and behead rebels, who had nothing to do with ISIL or terrorism. 

Syrian youngsters protest as they symbolically lay on the pavement covered in sheets while posing as war victims during a flash mob event organized by the Syrian community in Bucharest, Romania
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Issues and Prospects for Coalition Against ISIL

Obama, who vowed to fight ISIL, hasn't promised to cut the armament supply to the terrorists, nor to stop dropping ammunitions and weapons to its strongholds. He hasn't promised to stop the sale of oil stolen by ISIL from Iraq, Libya, and Syria. This all is much bigger than what the White House can bear. If Obama rejects arms deals with ISIL-supporting countries, which Vladimir Putin revealed last week, he will face the same destiny as John F. Kennedy, who attempted to elude weapons dealers and CIA army chiefs, to get the assistance of scholars and academics to create a more humane US policy, which caused him to get assassinated – a crime which hasn't been solved to this day. 


ISIL is fighting people, and only people will defeat it, because Western  regimes are the ones who created it.