It is important to question the role played by the USAID and the deals it made with some of the largest Egyptian publishers in the years before the January 25 Revolution of 2011.

No one expected that the USAID will continue to penetrate the local publishing industry in Egypt. A member of the USAID visited Egyptian Publishers’ Union and met the publisher who prints books of Sayyid Qutb (father of modern Islamic fundamentalism) as well as other Muslim Brotherhood publishers, to sign a deal to finance children’s education books.


It would be interesting to know the type of children’s books the USAID recommends, as the organization is know to have financed and supported a good number of terrorist NGOs, without consent of the Egyptian authorities in the years before 2011. The apparent goal seems to destroy the Egyptian state institutions in order to empower Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt, as they are the moderate Islamic opposition (from the viewpoint of US President Obama), on which he can rely on — to implement the US plan to divide Egypt and give Sinai to Hamas as a substitute for West Bank.


Shiite faithful pilgrims gather between, the holy shrine of Imam Hussein, bottom, and the holy shrine of Imam Abbas, top, during preparations for the Muslim holiday of Ashoura in the Shiite holy city of Karbala
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Global Conflict Decides Arab Destiny


What kind of books does the USAID finance? Complemented by the effort exerted by some publishers (who have perplexing stances on the Muslim Brotherhood), contacting and negotiating with Ministry of Education to print books for youngsters. Egypt needs to carefully verify these people’s intentions and what they want to teach our children. Besides, we need to know what kind of information does the USAID intends to present to Egyptian children, and why this mission is implemented by Muslim Brotherhood publishers. What can the publishers of Sayyid Qutb’s books have to do with our children's education. These are precautionary questions that are justifiable.