Japan is concerned with the flabby process of signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The people involved in the previous talks failed to agree to reconvene a meeting of trade ministers on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade initiative by the end of August as had been initially planned. 


Despite the initial optimism, ministers from 12 TPP nations failed to reach an agreement during the four-day meeting held in Hawaii last month. 


On August 11, Japanese economic and fiscal policy minister Akira Amari questioned the unusual attitude the US showed during the negotiations. Although some counties tried to stay on and continue the discussion, the US lost its usual stubbornness. The Japanese minister said he emphasized the reason why the countries should meet again this month. Every country may lose their interest. If they do, it needs a long time to increase the motivation to the original level. The motivation of each country is the key to whether an agreement will be eventually reached.  


Akira Amari said it is peculiar that the United States did not show its usual stubbornness during the negotiations, they just gave up. The American negotiators seem to believe that the deal cannot be sealed in a short period of time.