According to the Palestinian Authority, there is an ongoing tension with the US, which keeps blocking Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) attempts to gain the EU's recognition of the Palestinian state. Washington considers Europe's recognition to be a "unilateral step". This is not unusual and ultimately doesn’t change anything. Washington has been and remains hostile towards Palestine, its people, and their cause. Thus, any steps that support Palestine are considered by the US as a hostile step against Israel.


This explains why the US blocks any efforts that are aimed at bringing political, social, and human rights justice to Palestinians. Current US administration used its power to thwart any attempt of the UN Security Council concerned with condemning Israel's violence and oppressive acts committed against Palestinian people. Ultimately for the US it's most convenient that Palestinians accept Israel's atrocities, but while that's not going to happen, Washington will continue blocking any international efforts to bring justice and change in Palestine. Israel in its place will never recognize Palestinian resistance, continuing building its settlements on the occupied territories. Meanwhile Palestinians live as hostages facing racism and hostility on their own land. The US uses all the means to control the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, taking of course the Israeli side.


Washington is dismayed with the momentum at which Europe and Latin America recognized the Palestinian state. The boycott campaign against Israel — Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS Movement) received a huge response world-wide by academic and religious institutions, syndicates and civil society in both Europe and the United States. The latest divestment response came from the United Methodism Church retirement fund, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the United States with over seven million members. In opposition to Israeli settlements of Palestinian territories and human rights abuses, the Church blacklisted Israel's five largest banks, preventing any financial investments. Israeli banks help financing the settlements on the occupied territories. This act of the United Methodist Church is very significant and has been condemned by the Israeli government. 


Washington tries to brainwash Americans that Israel's security is safety and security of the United States. Moreover, Israel's “security” agenda surpasses that of all the Arab States on the foreign policy bill. The US's standing with Israel just exposes its double-standards policies. This attitude has been deeply rooted in the culture and values of the US, which has its foundations bruised by racism and extermination, where the white race up to this day holds its superiority. Starting with Native Indians, then slavery – racism continues to be a disease of the American society with a current major relapse. The concept of the “chosen people” comes from Judaic mythology, which states it is necessary to eradicate the non-Jew in order to keep Palestine as a pure "Judaic State".


This is one of the largest faults in Washington's political and moral standards. The double-standards of the US foreign policy are the reasons for the disasters and the injustice that the Palestinian people have to endure continuously.