The world has suffered its most radical shift in a long time with the creation of North American hegemony. A few decades were enough for us to know that the end of the "cold war" was not the end of the war but, rather, a multiplier, in a voracious US imperial offensive. Entire civilizations have been destroyed — such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria — while the US claims to the responsibility of being the world's policeman.


But the North American imperial hegemony and the end of the bipolar world neither led to the globalization of the capitalist system nor led the world to stability and economic expansion. Not only that, but the capitalist economy has had a weak performance in the last decades of the twentieth century, and since 2008 has been the center of a system that is in a deep and prolonged recession crisis, of which it is unknown when it will be over, leading to the destruction of what still existed of the excellent social welfare system in Europe and record levels of unemployment.


This is the utopia that the capitalist and imperial system is proposing to the world? It was on whose behalf of these theaters of war and economic crisis that proposes the destruction of all who opposed him? For it was imposed the reign of the market and US military superiority? It is with these objectives that Europe sets out to destroy its past founded on social rights? This is what the US called on the countries that participate in its free trade agreements?


This miserable world, founded in the power of money and weapons, yes, that is an end cycle. Countries that resist are the beginning of a new cycle of building a world based on rights for all and solidarity.


For all this it is that the honeymoon of North American unipolar hegemony was short-lived. The BRICs, China, Russia, the progressive governments of Latin America — are links in an economically multipolar world and began installing new geopolitics based on global bipolarity.


The recession in the capitalist system is central to all countries, but the rest of the world has not gone into deep and prolonged recession as in the past. The US could not invade Syria and attack Iran militarily. The US continues to be the greatest power in the world today, but I find that no longer limits when pesnava have triumphed in the Cold War.


The world marked the North American imperial hegemony is a world of war and recession. Europe is aware of this, and how does the new candidate for leader of the British Labour Party, that should no longer follow US foreign policy, feel? Fouls that another economic model than that of austerity, it is assumed by European countries. The BRICs point to other political, economic and military geometry in the world. Who is Europe?


Latin America has contributed to this multipolar world, with Mercosur, UNASUR, CELAC, with the direct participation of Brazil in the BRIC countries and the agreements signed by countries in the region with the BRICs, with China and Russia. The US can no longer rely on its old backyard. Mexico is paying the price for repeated submission to the northern neighbor. Europe is saddled with austerity. Iraq and Afghanistan have been destroyed by US military occupation.



The twenty-first century is the scene of struggle for a new world hegemony, shared, democratic, consensual, negotiations for the solution of conflicts, an economy based on the needs of all and not the imperative of speculative capital.