After a few candidates announced their running, the 2016 Presidential Election campaigns have already kicked off. If nothing unexpected happens, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will become the candidates representing each party.


It is not rare in American history that more than one member in a family was elected president, but for two political dynasties to compete for the presidency is unprecedented. The race for the White House between Clinton 2.0 and Bush 3.0 reflects the rule of political dynasties in America’s democracy. The US was founded under the principle of “all men are created equal” and inherited power is constitutionally banned.


But political dynasties have played a significant role throughout history. Hillary and Jeb, no matter who eventually wins the election, besides capacity and charm, their family background undoubtedly will contribute some extra points. A small number of monopolizing political powers are undermining the quality of democratic representation for American citizens. This makes American government’s “perfect democracy” peddling ironic and remotely convincing.