That dirty game called Arab Spring caused Muslim Brothers to come to power in Tunisia and Egypt. That power change increased the effect of Muslim Brothers in Yemen as well. After Muammar Qaddafi was toppled in Libya, Muslim Brothers and all kinds of Islamist groups routed the country. Then, they came for Syria. Gulf countries, Turkey under the AKP rule and 'Friends of Syria Group' of a hundred imperialist, colonist and plotter countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, swooped down on Syrian people. 


Bashar al-Assad, whom US Secretary of State John Kerry hailed as 'the most contemporary, secular and promising leader of the region' twice (in 2008 and 2009), was suddenly declared as 'brutal, dictator and people's enemy.' The most interesting ones among those declarers are Arab kings, emirs and sheiks who are the most underdeveloped, outdated, primitive, bigoted, immoral and don't have any single relationship with democracy and freedom. Millions of dollars of those kings, emirs and sheiks started flowing to Syria through Turkey. Those dollars moved thousands of psychopaths, perverts and murderers from all over the world to Syria. Through Turkey again. 


There was one single motto and aim for all:
'We the Sunnis must collaborate and wipe off infidel Alawite Assad and all supporters of Alawites and Shiites in Syria.' Everybody started acting accordingly. Villages, towns and cities where Alawites and Shiites lived were targeted. There have been at least 2 martyrs from each Alawite and Shiite family since the first terrorist acts in June 2011. Since then, tens of thousands of soldiers, security forces and people's defense groups have been killed. Most of them have been martyred in a brutal and savage way.


However, Assad, Syria, the army and the people have resisted. The world has not witnessed such a resistance before. Syria countered the most cruel, barbarous and the vilest global attack. That resistance and counterattack saved our region and the world from a huge trouble. Egyptian people and army toppled Muslim Brothers as Syria resisted. Tunisia got rid of Muslim Brothers as Syria resisted. Lebanon didn't fall into the hands of the Islamists as Syria resisted. Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s dreams of being a caliphate and a sultan collapsed as Syria resisted. 


This was why Erdoğan got so mad at Bashar al-Assad and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  This was why he especially used a discourse based on sects. He even said to CHP leader Kılıçdaroglu, who is in the main opposition, that "You are an Alawite too, so you support Alawite Assad." Well, what did Turkish liberals, so-called leftist intellectuals and strange democrats do? They supported Arab Spring and shamelessly said "Dictator Assad must be toppled."We all know the point they are at now.  


My ideas upon this are very clear, explicit and strict: If Syrian army, people, security forces and Assad had not resisted, all the countries in the region, mainly Turkey, would be pitch dark. All psychopaths, perverts and flocks of murderers programmed to kill according to the sects would be governing all over the region under Muslim Brothers. Think for a second: Hundreds of thousands of psychopath members of ISIS, al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army and several other gangs, whose appearances are frightening enough, would be wandering around us and forcing us to surrender to an outdated lifestyle. Believe me, all this would be really happening. Now this is happening in Syria and Iraq, most of which are occupied by them. One can't manage living such a life even for a week. 


If Assad had not resisted, Turkey would be in darkness a thousand times darker than today's. In terms of politics, sociology, culture, religion and sects. Syrian people have resisted, we all have won. Some people are going crazy as we have won. They are committing each kind of betrayal in order to divide Syria as we have won. The ones who touch Damascus, which is blessed by God, will be punished by God one day. I believe that and I am proud of Syrian people's resistance. In the name of everybody who supports peace, friendship, brotherhood, love and humanity. If Syria is saved, you will get rid of 'somebody' and their dark worlds.