Iraq was destroyed by the invasion, which was agreed upon by the Republicans and Democrats. The only disagreement is which of the parties had greater support for the terrorists, and who facilitated the establishment of ISIL. Both parties blame each other. It is out of those differences that we know who managed things wrong. No one wants to take the blame. George Bush and Dick Cheney destroyed Iraq and made a pavement for a military base, later Obama was the one who supported more chaos. The result: destruction that will last for years and perhaps for decades.


The American President Barack Obama accused George Bush and his administration of destroying Iraq and said that it was they who “paved the way” for terrorism. However, former US Vice President Dick Cheney held the incumbent President Barack Obama accountable for the establishment of the terrorist organization ISIL, and for the expansion of terrorism in Syria and Iraq. In an interview with CNN, Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz spoke about the details of a new book release entitled “Exceptional”, in which they wrote about why the world needs a strong America. In reality, nobody knows where this strength will lead America with all the destruction.


In a response to Barack Obama’s accusations, Dick Cheney said, “I believe he is wrong. Considering the situation we were through, we increased the number of the American forces in Iraq in 2007 and 2008. When we left the rule, Iraq was in a good state, but Obama’s administration failed to follow suit and they withdrew quickly, and created emptiness for ISIL to fill.”


Barack Obama made a mistake when Saddam Hussein was ousted. The invasion of Iraq was the beginning of the expansion of terrorism, which allowed Iran’s control over Iraq’s resources that changed Iraq from a strong country to a state of chaos with terrorist organizations.


Dick Cheney expects ISIL to reach the US and said that the terrorist group can recruit people within America and head to Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, to receive training on undertaking “suicidal operations”. He also expects the United States to have a terrorist attack similar to or greater than 9/11, where chemical or biological or even nuclear weapons could be used. Cheney was indeed a “master of destruction” and was on top of the list of those who supported the invasion to Iraq. Adam Schiff, a Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said, “There’s probably no one who mastered destruction in the Middle East more than Dick Cheney.”



The bottom line is; the US created the chaos, created terrorism, and all we have left is a pre-elections disagreements and differences that won’t impact the truth that America created the “Genie of Terrorism”. The United States is unable to exterminate it and might wake up one day on a “September Catastrophe” where weapons of mass destruction are used.