According to Iranian political expert Sayed Hadi Afghahi, the success of Russia's operations in Syria rile the Pentagon — primarily because Russian action there highlights Washington's hypocrisy in its war on terrorism.

“In all reality the US is uncomfortable with the fact that Russia has drawn world attention to the hypocrisy of the anti-terrorist coalition – which carried out a simulated war with ISIL for over a year,” the former staffer of the Iranian Foreign Minister explained.


Afghahi went on to comment on Washington's claims that Russia is maintaining air attacks on armed groups whom the US does not consider to be terrorists. He similarly dismissed claims in the Western press of civilian casualties in these raids as lies.


Afghahi pressed his point home that the Russian operation in Syria is in the interests of all countries in the region – as well as Russia's own interests. The Iranian commentator went on to venture his belief that Iran would send troops to support the Syrian government if Damascus asked for them.