In a recent interview a Basque analyst Iñaki Gil, used a precise phrase about the Zionist regime,  comparing Israel, a country that owns more than 200 nuclear warheads, to the “US's aircraft carrier” in the Middle East.

The expert said in his interview with the teleSUR TV network that, while Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated, in his recent address to the UN General Assembly, that Washington remains Israel's main ally, the country remains a flagrant violator of all international peace agreements with Palestine. Netanyahu’s threatening, war-mongering rhetoric at the UN confirmed, that the Zionist authorities talk and act as an empire, and are able to challenge, if necessary, the White House itself.


It is true, Israel can count on a powerful billionaire Jewish lobby in the United States. This lobby can push and shove any demands in the Republican or Democratic government in Washington. Netanyahu plays with his trump cards continuously, which is why he has the support of the successive White House leaders: to massacre Palestinians, to control 83 percent of the water of the besieged people, to create new Jewish settlements squeezing out Palestinians, while building walls around them, meanwhile acquiring 200 nuclear warheads, which present a threat not only to the Middle East but for the entire world.


At the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu verbally attacked Palestine, just like the Israeli troops attack Gaza and the West Bank on the daily basis. Then the PM went on to attack Iran, which is considered to be the greatest adversary of Israel in the region, but perhaps the most feared one at the same time. During the General Assembly session the head of the Zionist regime went even further belittling the UN and the international community, when he said in an arrogant tone that Tel Aviv would do what it takes to “defend itself" at any cost.

Netanyahu disdained the rules of diplomacy and mocked, as Israel consistently does, the fundamental principles of international relations, writing out the American allies and even surpassing them a hundredfold. The UN and its Security Council have plenty of evidence to sanction the Zionist state, and create a mission of experts to be responsible for disarmament of Israel's nuclear program, when most countries claim that the use or threat of weapons of mass destruction under any circumstances is a violation of international law and a crime against the humanity. There is also sufficient evidence to put Netanyahu on trial for crimes against the  humanity.


No one should be threatened by anyone as disturbed as Netanyahu, who intimidates all of mankind with Israel's use of nuclear warheads, especially when he threatens to do what it takes to "defend Israel" at any cost, as he has already stated in the UN. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Israel has already tried to use it's nuclear warheads to "support" the former apartheid regime in South Africa. Undoubtedly, it would be the greatest mistake of the UN and the majority of peace advocates to ignore Netanyahu's threatening rhetoric.