Members of the so-called 'golden billion' thought it could never happen to them. They thought that the sound of gunfire on the streets of Aleppo were just the sound-effects from some cool war-movie. For them, the refugees pouring into the EU were just the 'extras' in this movie, who either needed somewhere to hide, or to go back where they came from, to 'film' some more adrenalin-packed movies. The 'golden billion' prefer to follow wars from the safety of the TV news, and rejoice that it's going on far away from where they live – on a different planet to their world of entertainment and consumption.


After the terror attacks in Paris, people began to realize that Aleppo, in a way, had come to stay in Paris. In other words, there are no more safe havens in the world where the self-proclaimed progressives of mankind can boogie on down at rock concerts while the Middle East is ablaze; when by the shining 'light' of the twenty-first century the world gawped on as the Yezidis were massacred; while the Christian communities in Iraq, Syria and other locations has been wiped-out in just a few years; while Turkey, the main partner of these 'progressives' has been blatantly funding radical Islamists; while ISIL is calmly running an oil-export industry; and no-one cares. World oil prices are tumbling, and the main enemies of the West aren't terrorists, but Russia – the prized ideals of democracy and liberalism have become twisted and perverted.


And talking of perversion. When the RussianA-321 airliner on a Sharm-El-Sheikh-to-St-Petersburg route crashed over the Egyptian Sinai desert, killing all of the passengers and crew, ISIL took responsibility for the crash as a terrorist attack.  What was especially vile was the way that the French cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo turned this catastrophe into the chance for a cheap gag. 'Progressive mankind' remained silent about the attack, while Hebdo gloated about Russia being the target of fanatics.


The tally of fatalities in ISIL's Paris attacks now stands at over 150 people. After the terrorist attacks, and after the plane downing as well, ISIL took responsibility for the atrocities. It's no secret that the ISIL ranks itself as a terror organization which criticizes many other people – including other Muslims. This is completely normal. These terrorists have discredited Islamic values, and Islam overall. It's obvious that these terrorists have no association whatsoever with the Islam as a world religion.  Just as Charlie Hebdo has no association whatsoever with liberal values, freedom of speech, or democracy. 


Turning atrocities against humanity into the opportunity for a cheap gag is the same kind of terror which is manifested in the horrors committed by ISIS militants. The ISIS radicals attack the human body – beheading people, or throwing them under moving tanks. Charlie Hebdo attacks human values and human minds. ISIL and Charlie Hebdo are two sides of the same coin. One calls itself 'radical Islam', without the slightest connection to Islam. The other is radical liberalism, without the slightest connection to liberal ideas, or human rights. Both have utterly perverted the ideas they claim to represent. They are twins – although terrorists have recently murdered several of those who laughed at the prophet Mohamed.


Humanity now finds itself caught between these two different manifestations of radicalism. It will need our combined efforts to eradicate both these forms of perversion. Otherwise the whole world will become Paris. After the Paris attacks, the Chief Editor of this disgusting rag Charlie Hebdo, Gerard Briar announced that they are changing nothing, and that they will be carrying on in the same way – mocking and pillorying the victims of the bombed Russian aircraft, and the drowned 3-year-old boy who was fleeing the warfare in Syria with his parents.


People light candles on a temporary memorial, during a demonstration at the Old-Port, in Marseille, southern France
© (AP Photo/Claude Paris
ISIL Will Terrorize Europe to Stay Alive


Briar commented that Charlie Hebdo is preparing a series of rib-tickling cartoons about the Paris terror attacks, called “At last, French porn!”  And if the French get their heads around that edition of Charlie, they can get ready for another round of grim tragedies. Charlie Hebdo is a part of 'freedom of speech' in the same way as the Inquisition was a part of Christian ideology – or the Red Terror was a part of communist theory.



In addition to promising to deliver a series of cartoons about the terror attacks in Paris, the publishers of Charlie Hebdo similarly voiced their condolences to the families of those who died in the attacks. Because whether it's some poor refugee kid drowning in the sea, or 224 aircraft passengers crashing into the Sinai desert, no-one needs condolences.  Oh, unless they're French, of course. If they're French, you can mock them in cartoons while issuing condolences. And this is what the French call 'freedom of speech and ideas.'