It's no secret that ISIL grew with full funding and support of the West. Paris attacks, which took lives of 130 innocent people raised many questions. Why the West was so sluggish to cooperate with Egypt and other nations fighting terrorism? What lies behind the decision to fight these groups all of a sudden? These are mercenary organizations who gain their force from the support and funding of Western powers that fight Islam and want no good for Arab nations. 


Western nations were convinced that they are far from any terrorist threats, believing that terror will be contained within the Middle East. All of a sudden terrorism directed itself towards those who helped ISIL and similar groups. It's really painful to see such a catastrophe in Paris. We really wish that such atrocities will come to an end, and look for a real cooperation among all countries in the world to eradicate all forms of terrorism. 


Statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit in Turkey were really serious. He emphasized that some Western countries who are members of the G20 supported and financed ISIL and other terrorist organizations among 40 other countries. However, US President Obama's statements during the summit were shocking, as he said, the US is to alter its strategy in the fight against ISIL. He added that the US knows very well how strong ISIL is and emphasized how hard it is to fight them. I hope that one analyzes these statements well enough to realize the relationship between the two sides, past, present, and future.