The Islamic State — is a consequence. The reason for its appearance has been an American monopoly that arose after the collapse of the USSR, and has continued for the past 25 years. Washington's private sole control over the international arena has turned it into a screaming brat, who does the first thing that comes into its head – and only thinks later. It's a monopoly that has led the United States away from logical thought into a world of cynicism and amateurism. The results are clear – the Middle East has gone up in flames, unprecedented acts of terrorism rage across the globe, with human tragedies, genocide, and streams of refugees.


The West claims to defend democratic values – but it keeps them solely for itself. The right to life is sacred – but only for Westerners. And so it goes on.

We can see that the behavior of the West today is its own kind of racism. Today's modern 'Aryans' are the citizens of the political West – while everyone else is on the scrapheap, and can be dealt with by any necessary means. The lives of the rest aren't worth a dime. Purely for its only business and geopolitical interests, the USA has ransacked the entire Middle East – and is now engaged in a pitiful struggle against the activities of the Islamic State, with the same success chances of being able to put the genie back into the bottle.


When we look at the bigger picture, we see that nothing has changed after the Paris terror attacks. French President Francois Hollande has announced that the true object of his war is Daesh (ISIL), and not the Assad regime. All this, however, is mere chit-chat. Today's France is the military representative of US interests, intent on the security of the European Union – and primarily, of France. The USA has its own interests – which means they haven't the slightest intention of risking their cosy relationship with Turkey or Saudi Arabia for the sake of a 'mere' few hundreds of thousands of corpses, terror victims in Paris, or millions of refugees.


Of course, the terror attacks in Paris were certainly not what the US wanted to happen – but the West continues to put a higher price on oil than on human blood. This means that Obama will continue to offer a hearty handshake for President Erdogan – while quietly averting his eye to Turkey's oil trade with Daesh, and its funding of the Islamic State. If only things were different, and the West drew its own conclusions, then the Paris terror attacks should have been the moment to demand that Turkey stops financing Daesh.

© AP Photo/Evan Vucci
President Barack Obama, right, and French President Francois Hollande place flowers at the Bataclan, site of one of the Paris terrorists attacks, to pay his respects after arriving in town for the COP21 climate change conference

However, the West continues to pursue its own policies, regardless of the toll they take on human lives.  They are policies which, in the final analysis, are directed against themselves. The racist policies of the West are clearly seen in their dealings with Armenia. Washington and Brussels think of Armenians as a mere bargaining chip in the stand-off between Russia and the West, with no thought of the quality of life of Armenians. 


Of course, when the Armenian authorities gave their nod to the West over becoming such a bargaining chip, they signaled their readiness to enter the Russia-smearing game by a process of association. The West became the patron and advocate of electoral fraud. They took the RPA (Republican Party of Armenia – currently the ruling party in Armenia) under their wing, and the RPA's chairman, Armenian President Serge Sargsiyan, became the main information sponsor of anti-Russian hysteria in Armenia.  And of course, Western human values turned into something entirely disposable if they involved the geopolitical interests of Armenia. 


It all goes to show that the West – or rather, its political elites – is contemptible, and protects human values in a selective fashion. These are the primary features of Western racism. And of course, the product of this atrocious ideology is something which is no less monstrous, and goes by the name of The Islamic State. 


Western racism and the Islamic State are Siamese twins.

We need to be clear that as a result of America's monopoly on the international scene, the West is losing its 'soft power' and attractive benefits. This is bad, because the bearer of universal human values fight for the self-same values – democracy, human rights, fair competition, and so on, for which the same West has consigned millions of lives. Defeating Daesh can only be achieved by the untempered deployment of universal Western values. The alternative, of course, means curtains for the West.