On January 12 a suicide bomber carried out an attack in central Istanbul killing 10, and injuring 15. Yet another time Turkey goes through bloodshed and violence. Expressions like 'a malicious attack' and 'a flagrant act' that are used in the headlines have lost their effect on people. Two instances in the statement of Turkey's PM Ahmet Davutoğlu after the explosion are especially noteworthy:  "Today's act is caused by the breach in Syria,” and “the biggest source of terrorism is the civil war in Syria." Can't argue with these statements, but questions still remain.


Which forces and countries caused the breach in Syria? What was the government's stance while this was happening? Has the government along with the Western powers contributed to the war? If we could travel back in time, would we then support the opposition in Syria? Moreover these questions were addressed when the government took the first steps when inquired of these issues. The terrorists atrocities don't help in answering only create more hate and incite anger.


Micah Zeko, an expert in Council of Foreign Relations think-tank, added up that the US dropped 23,144 bombs on 6 Muslim countries in 2015. Those countries are: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan.

 What's the result? It is stated that 25,000 Daesh militants have been killed in the last 17 months. CIA says there were 30,000 militants in 2014. The number is still 30,000. It never changes. It's a known fact that Taliban is growing and gaining more power in Afghanistan. What's the purpose of US airstrikes if terrorism only grows?