US army admitted that New Syrian Opposition forces, trained by the US, got military armaments delivered by the allied forces to the al-Nusra Front, i.e Al-Qaeda, the terrorist rival of ISIL. It's not the first time, as the US previously trained what they named moderate opposition in Syria. Its oil allies financed and trained the so-called Free Army, which evaporated in revolutionary fog, just as they were replaced by terrorist organizations such as ISIL and al-Nusra. The latter tow seem to have a continuous competition of slaughter, terrorism, killing, and destroying; whereas the US administration watches these terrorism games, claiming months ago that they fighting ISIL, launching airstrikes against them. The result: ISIL is stronger, as if the US gave them reinforcements. 


Today, history repeats itself. It is not clear whether the US deliberately supplies terrorist groups with weapons, or as a superpower it is lacking intelligence. One theory is that Barack Obama was persuaded to put ISIL and al-Nusra Front face to face, as al-Nusra is moderate group, although attached to Al-Qaeda, which in turn is a US creation prior to September 11. Now the US supplies fighters and weapons to al-Nusra Front. Perhaps   US administration thinks it is capable of fighting ISIL, after Russia declared a war against the terrorist group since the US failed its attempts. 


Since the United States decided to support the so called Syrian revolution, it trained the opposition to be moderate. Then Free Syrian Army was created as quickly as it vanished to pave the way for monster terrorist organizations such as al-Nusra Front and  ISIL. In the meantime, the US and EU glorified foreign fighters from all over the world, while western media praised the militants and insurgents, encouraging youth to join the war. 


Syrian refugees react as they arrive after crossing aboard a dinghy from Turkey
© AP Photos, Petros Giannakouris
Iraq, Lybia: the American Sequel for Syria


Shortly after, disputes arise; Gulf funds are stolen and weapons ended up in the hands of  terrorist groups. While money is being pumped supporting  the killing and burning of Syrians and Iraqis, Free Army evaporated with billions of dollars, meanwhile ISIL and al-Nusra Front remain in a slaughtering competition accusing each other of being impure. The US follows its pattern. The CIA is training fighters, supplying armaments, ammunition, and trucks, preceded by weapons and equipment to al-Nusra Front. On the other hand, the American army is content with playing the role of the innocent, expressing worries that weapons may go to Al-Qaeda and dozens of trained fighters may disappear. This seems to be a new episode in the US game with ISIL, training and supporting terrorists to fight terrorism.