“New international system imposes a high cost on those, who choose conflict, instead of cooperation,” said Barak Obama during his speech at the 70th meeting of the UN General Assembly. The US's ruling class in Obama’s face by this veiled threat shows its full preparedness to reshape the world according to their interests and to resort to arms if they don’t get the desired result quickly. Actions without any regard to international laws were the US's regular practice since the collapse of the USSR with the blessing of the United Nations Security Council and NATO.


Thus, the situation of the regional conflict planned, financed and built by the United States in the Middle East by the uncontrolled violence of the self-styled Islamic State, has forced Russia to accept it with all its deserved seriousness, given the repercussions it would have for the future of their own borders, already threatened by the conflict originated in Ukraine.


Thus, Washington's political, economic, and military leaders have developed a "modernized" version of the Cold War against Russia, remembering the inter confrontation that would support the United States for nearly fifty years with the Soviet Union. A fact of the competition between the US and China should be added, especially in the economic sense, observing how the Asian giant has extended its influence around the world and especially in the Americas and Asia. One way or another, this fact slows down and threatens the US's world domination plans designed and redesigned since the 80-s.


On the other hand, proposed by China, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), presents another serious threat to the capitalist world financial system dominated by the United States. Many economic and political analysts recognized this issue. It gives the possibility to Asian countries to be independent from the World Bank and IMF in the future. On the Atlantic side it also offers an option for the old European allies to discard the omnipotent control executed by various entities dominated by Washington.

Chinese President Xi Jinping steps out from behind China's flag as he takes his position for his joint news conference with President Barack Obama
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TPP: USA and Partners vs China


There is an interesting detail that increases US concerns. It's the fact that Russian-Chinese relations have become closer than ever lately, much closer than they have ever been. As a result of these plans, actions and concerns of the White House, the world is currently involved in conflicts that could be generalized in the Middle East, as many analysts expect, precipitating situations that envelop all nations in an uncontrolled chaos. It would, therefore, be a proto-war, where the most relevant elements would be the economic, media and military siege turned against those peoples and governments classified as enemies of the giant gringo. Global discipline process in its aspiration has to maintain itself in the fractious people and disobedient governments.

Cuba's President Raul Castro speaks during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.
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Cuba Demands Immediate US Embargo Lift to Normalize Relations


For the industrial-military complex which governs Washington, the international order and stability should rest in the hands of the US as a permanent responsibility, claiming once again its uniqueness to the other world nations, representing in this case to the forces of good against the forces of evil. Peace and order would be a unique feature of this beneficial empire.


It is no longer the simple conquest of Lebensraum, which was a crucial space claimed by Nazi Germany before World War II broke out, facing the decadent empires and emerging empires of Europe, the USA and Japan. In this case the war becomes multidimensional one that highlights the usage and prevalence of the massive information as propaganda instruments for public opinion manipulation. However, people of the world keep the resistance struggle in all possible scenarios, facing it. They are aware what this fate would mean for all mankind if the consortium will of European-American-Zionist imperialist interests eventually prevail whether through war or through free trade agreements that have hardly been publicly released lately.