US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to the Middle East is not meant to calm the situation down in the occupied Palestinian territories, by obliging Israel to abandon its harsh policy of oppression and its practices against Palestinian people, using its army against occupants. It's not in Kerry's plans to stop defiling of Islamic sanctities — but on the contrary US Secretary of State arrived to stop Palestinian youth’s outburst against the occupation, as its expansion and escalation only causes chaos and turmoil. Meanwhile it is not possible to determine the direction of Israel's policies related to Palestinian occupation, in terms of its capability to continue the practice of “deceitful mediator.” Kerry's fictitious and useless negotiations are simply a pretense to buy time for Israel to continue its Judaization and settlements of Palestinian territories. 


To stop the current youth revolt, which is uncontrolled by known organizations and authorities, is a crucial issue for both the US and Israel, especially because it is overwhelmingly spreading over  Palestinian lands — using simplest resistance tools, such as stones and knives, against a strong and harsh military power. This would display Israel in front of the whole world as an occupying power, refusing to respect global legitimacy and its resolutions forcing Israelis to end occupation and grant Palestinian people their legal rights.


The continuation of the peaceful revolt of Palestinian youth and Israel’s inability to put an end to it, which is considered a new development, uncovers Israel’s failure to provide security for the settlers,  thus Palestinians reached a new stage and a new approach in the crisis. The new approach is: no security for the settlers all over the occupied territories — unless Palestinian people have the security and rights — as long as Israel is openly supported by the US in its effort to impose a reality of destruction of Palestine.

The purpose of John Kerry's visit is to exercise US's force in more than one direction — suppress the Palestinian outburst, meanwhile offering doubtful promises. After Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu denied giving in to any commitments, issues come into perspective, where pledges offered by the US are mere cheating. Netanyahu and Kerry made a bigoted exchange, perhaps with the purpose of deceiving Palestinian people and the youth leading the revolt against the occupation enforced by Israel, the US, and Palestinian organizations.

Smoke rises after an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City
© AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis
Smoke rises after an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City
   US and Israel are following their own agenda, which is the reason for the  absurd actions and developments in useless negotiations throughout the past 20 years, while the revolting youth and Palestinian people constantly face Judaization, occupation, violence, and creation of new settlements on the occupied territories. 


Oslo gave Israel undeserved gains, while Palestinian negotiators are powerless, frightened, and totally manipulated. All this happened under the auspices of the US, who support the Israeli side, whereas the Arab side is careless of the crisis, which should be the focus of the attention of all Arabs and Muslims. Palestinian outburst puts things into alignment, in order to grant the Palestinian side the right to lead, and the struggle starts over again. Palestinians have enough power, will, and sacrifice — which makes many people ready to reconsider the crisis.