The most widespread policy of neocolonialism and militarism is where multinational corporations are the economic support which powers this mechanism and aids industrial capitalist countries to extract the resources from developing nations. Nothing stops them, at all. These processes lead the US's ruling elite to put the selfish interests of industrial-military circles over the interests of all mankind, and even over their own people. The attitude which accompanies these policies is very important: demonstrative, full of arrogance, ignoring international opinion. There is no sense of reality, no sense of responsibility. It becomes more evident day by day that the Washington's elite keep moving along the militaristic line, they are looking outwards, searching for new countries and nations to impose its hegemony on.


In the Middle East, the United States is trying to clash different religious groups and different nation states against each other in order to fuel the emerged conflicts. The US uses treacherous techniques to pursue their interests, such as — military actions against regimes that do not follow their line of instructions; training, armament supply, and funding of separatists and terrorists;  economic sanctions and debt pressure. Some international conferences and lectures focus deeply onto this matter, addressing the US's meddling in the internal political struggles of other countries and its attempts to destabilize progressive regimes from within. 

Some office lights are left on at the Ministry of Interior, decorated with an iron sculpture of Cuba's revolutionary hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara at Revolution Square in Havana, Cuba
© AP Photo/Desmond Boylan
While US Maneuvers Towards Cuba – Cubans Turn to Russia

It is the same picture in Latin America, in the Middle East, in the so called Front Line States in Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia, in the small states of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. One can imagine these methods and procedures very well. Now that is the real face of the new global paradigm. Everything else that comes along with these actions is simply an ideological wrapping that covers up the true motifs. The rate of growth of the new developing states, the successful result in overcoming the difficulties inherited from the past, and the fulfillment of modern day tasks, depend very much on whether or not they can manage to cope with the globalist demands and obstacles, which is the main evil in the way of progress. It also depends on the solution of the global development problem; that goes hand by hand with the projects of the new world political and economic order.


The louder the voice of Russian Federation and the PRC, the more attractive is their lead to pick up the independent foreign policy and reject imperialistic interference. These are the steps that make them more powerful on the international arena. Russia and China are ready to cooperate with any state on an equal bases, and are strictly guided by the principles of equality and mutual respect of interests, thus they are ready to make their contribution to the overall process. It is obvious that no one can question the real contribution of Russia and the People's Republic of China to the world peace process.

Syrian people sleep inside a greenhouse at a makeshift camp for asylum seekers near Roszke, southern Hungary. Tens of thousands of people trying to escape conflict and poverty in places like Syria and Afghanistan
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US's Double Standards and Failure of Colored Revolutions

It seems President Obama's idea of what a state means differs from the one of the rest of the world. If our definition of the word “State” is correct, its role should be limited to receive solely the impulses of their leaders, to execute their will, to represent their interests, to remain the guardian of the social pact. It is unacceptable to use one's initiative or private will to deny  respect and the rights to the people, while following the interests of one's mission. To put these thoughts in a clearer way lets say that the State is the tool for social management; its interests  are no different from its people, because without people it has no life or existence. The nation is an abstract idea. The State must not be anything else but an executor of the laws that nation recognizes and has voted for.


Modern imperialist hegemony empowers the system of corruption and supports the local thugs, that steal the country's possessions and resources. It is those who manage state banks (currency exchange, petroleum, food, among other businesses), they are the corrupt heads, who send  funds to Colombia to plot against Venezuela. When ordinary citizens go to the bank to withdraw cash, the machine only allows you to take out 20, 10, and 5 bolivar banknotes (20 Venezuelan bolivares equals to 3,15 US dollars – WTSAUSA editor). Corrupt thieves steal money from the nation. 



“Live free or live dead!  Because it's living death, when it is found on the path of duty, when the right to national integrity has given up to continue on the semi-historic path of enslaved nations. The greatest difficulty is that we must refocus our minds; we must to redirect our intellect. This is the task for everyone: leaders and intellectuals, engineers and workers as well.  We live in interesting times, yet it is tough."