Can anyone imagine the United States allowing its closest oil ally of more than 70 years draw close to Russia, turning its back that easily on Washington, without ruining such relations? It’s naive to imagine in the world of politics, as if it's based on principles and ethics.

 Often each country and its tycoons, exerts efforts to achieve their objectives and strategic interests, using all the known and unknown means. It's no secret that the US officials must have seen over the past few months a contingence between Saudi Arabia and Russia, given the recent high level visits between two sides. Needless to mention armament purchases in the recent months between Russia, Riyadh, and other Gulf states. 


At the same time, the Saudi King is expected to visit Moscow, although the two countries have different opinions concerning the Syrian crisis. Riyadh believes Bashar al-Assad has no future in the Syrian government. On the other hand, Moscow recognizes Assad as part of the solution, seeing his very existence as a means to preserve the unity of Syria. His oust, according to Moscow, will support the armed terrorist groups such as ISIL, Al-Nusra Front, and others. 


Seeing the recent closeness between Saudi Arabia and Moscow, after the US ignored demands of Saudi Arabia, and signed the nuclear deal with Iran, the US exerted great efforts to spoil the development of Russia – Saudi relations, as it directly hits upon its hegemony in the Middle East. Because Saudi Arabia is a super power in the region, the US is keen not to lose its closest ally, after the its loss of Egypt. Cairo is working now to solidify its relations with China and Moscow instead of Washington. This will deprive the US of billions of dollars of annual armament purchases by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. Most of it now goes to Russia and France instead of the US.



Thus Washington cunningly encouraged Russia to implement airstrikes against Syrian opposition and ISIL who are fighting against Assad. This outraged Saudi Arabia who view Russian airstrikes as support of Assad's government, whose oust is the main objective for the Saudis. Meanwhile the US is trying to spoil the development of the Saudi-Russian relationship into a strategic alliance, on the corpse of the Syrian crisis, otherwise, interests may change and alter the current political balance.