What is happening in Turkey, Middle East, and in the world? What are the parties’ positions in clashes in the Middle East, and especially Syria? What kind of future awaits Syria? We can not answer any of these questions. Security is the biggest problem in Turkey now. Series of terrorist acts can be considered as an aim to destabilize Turkey and set its citizen against each other. Terrorists want to cut the emotional bonds between its people. People as well as local companies started feeling the effects of the economic crisis. People have dived into their own problems and are not even aware of what is happening in the neighboring countries. Turkey is closely following the trail of the US, England, and France in the Middle East and especially Syria. There is nothing Ankara can win for the sake of its own interests if it adopts Western strategies and policies. History has proven so. Parties are making their positions clear in the region. Iran has already been fighting there, but now Russia has also intervened in the region and proved its power. 

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan salutes supporters as tens of thousands of flag-waving demonstrators rally to denounce violence by Kurdish rebels, in Istanbul
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Russia-Iran Alliance Limits Turkey's Appetite in Mideast

Despite the US's objections, Russia maintains its active stance in Syria and is doing all the necessary actions to show that its stay will not be short. What exactly is Russia trying to do? Is Syria its only goal?

Let's look at what Russia's achieved so far. First of all, it has naval infantry forces, relevant armaments, equipment and ammunition in Latakia. There are also 7-8 air defense artilleries consisting of SA-22 air defense missile system to protect forces and facilities there from airstrikes and missile attacks. There is also preparation for a  future base in Latakia. A very important point is — it is not a sole naval or air base. It is meant to be a major base which will enable Russia to operate in the region (including eastern Mediterranean). The US and the West want to surround Russia in the Black Sea, the Caucasus, Caspian, Afghanistan, Baltic countries, and eastern Europe. But now Russia is responding to that in the region where their sources of political power are based. 



Russia is showing that it will not allow this corridor channelled through Syria to the Mediterranean and Syrian divide. Moscow will not allow the US and the West to gallop in the Middle East and Syria. We will see the reflections of this in the  region soon. If the US, the Western nations, and their allies in the region like Turkey, do not reconsider their policies and strategies, chaos will get bigger and a more comprehensive and bloody war will swallow the region.