Following the Paris attacks it became top priority for the European countries to reconsider their stance on Syria. Confronting the tough reality, Western powers must re-examine their current concerns, given the high threat of terrorism in EU. French President François Hollande said that Paris has no enemies other than ISIL, and that France is committed to destroy the terrorist group that took responsibility of the November 13 attacks. US President Barack Obama spoke of a “constructive role” for Russia in the Syrian crisis. Russian president called for military coordination with France, that sent aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” to the Eastern Mediterranean to participate in the war against ISIL.

These new attitudes indicate the beginning of re-examination of former bigoted stances that led to the growing threat of terrorism and the expansion of ISIL-controlled territories. 


Russia, most serious player in the fight against terrorism, was most capable of foreseeing the danger, when Russia's passenger liner was downed over the Sinai region in Egypt. The plane crash confirms the accuracy of the Russian stance, which is translated into unprecedented air raids on ISIL-controlled territories in Syria, as well as the start of cooperation and coordination between Moscow and the Syrian armed opposition groups to fight terrorist groups.

US President Barack Obama
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Barack Obama and Nobel Prize Syndrome

In order for the confrontation with the terrorist groups to become successful, it requires a strong driver behind the wheel, which hasn't happened over the past five years, because someone had deliberately pulled the vehicle in opposite directions, which only helped terrorists to gain more power and territories. 



Following the Paris attacks, the powers leading the Syrian crisis for the past five years were wrong in their policies and strategies — an attitude that resulted in disasters and threats to innocent people, creating threat to global security, peace, and human civilization. However, change is in the air. Perhaps those who still cling to their old stances would do best by abandoning these policies, creating space for the final war on terrorism to reach political solutions that will save the world from its current nightmare.