Bombings continuously take place in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, and in a number of countries in central Africa; in other words, in oppressed countries. As for the dominating powers, now they have suffered as bombings took place in the US, England, Spain, and France. The latter nation suffered twice from terrorist atrocities in the past year —  attacks on Charles Hebdo magazine, and then the series of bombings on November 13. Innocent people were sacrificed, while Western politicians virtually fight terrorism on TV, and at the very same time they negotiate with these terrorist groups under the table. 


Intelligence agencies that are responsible for empowering Osama Bin Laden consider themselves strongest and smartest, thus they are accountable for the September 11 bombing of the World Trade Center  — from synchronized plane hijackings to killing of innocent people. The US responded in Afghanistan, destroying the country, where deterioration continues today.  Terrorism did not stop and the enemy knows the game well, just as their patrons in a number of dominating countries, who try to conquer developing nations which aspire to prosper independently.


After the Paris attacks, terrorist groups were not the main focus unlike in previous attacks; the center of attention was Francois Hollande. Some view him with pity, while others hold him responsible, Hollande says terrorism will be eradicated forcefully. He thought people will believe him. Yet his rhetoric is bigoted. Holland is just like Barack Obama, when he cries in front of cameras. His arrogance reminds us of Merkel; his mightiness is very similar to that of Wahhabis in the Arabian Peninsula; and his chattering of Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations. It's an interconnected network working on a global deception, and on fostering terrorism to disintegrate weaker countries. 

U.N. Security Council members vote on a French-sponsored counter terrorism resolution aimed at Islamic extremist
© AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews
Who is Really Fighting ISIL?

The illusion of spreading democracy in Libya is one good example, where NATO bombed the country under the pretense of fighting for freedom. The West deals with MidEastern nations mockingly. Just as the British Prime Minister broke the diplomatic norms as he ordered immediate evacuation of British nationals from Egypt, while Egyptian President was on an official visit to England. The PM tried to convince the whole world that Egypt is a dangerous area. France, the US, and other countries suggest replacing the Syrian president while totally ignoring the Syrian people. Doors of the White House are wide open for fugitive murderers of Muslim Brotherhood, dealing with them as emissaries of peace on earth. 


The West as the patron of terrorism insists on repeating the history. The arsenal of weapons against the Syrian regime is available only for selected groups of moderate opposition in order to deceive the Arab nations once again. Such twisting and turning made the West itself an easy target for terrorists and their weapons, which we consider as political adversaries. While victims are innocent people: students, theater goers, marathon runners.

Some could say that such words are untimely, as the French tragedy is still raw. An answer to  those critics is that this is meant to express mourning and solidarity with the victims. It is for the victims to slander those who murder and to condemn those who paved the way for the atrocity to happen. We have the right to demand for the end to this vicious circle and to save the innocent people.