US Secretary of State, John Kerry met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders; however peace agreement is not on the agenda, according to US officials.  

Washington claims that the meeting was aimed to calm the tension and to stop the recent wave of violence. The West Bank has been under Israeli occupation for decades, which is already an ongoing violence. When this violence becomes unbearable, Palestinians turn to an uprising — attempting to defend themselves and their holy places. Ironically, these Palestinian attempts are called “violence,” and the American diplomatic machine  resumes its work to make a truce — which means suppressing the Palestinian anger towards the crack-down,  fanaticism, and the persecution they're facing.


The American administration is managing the Palestinian cause serving the interests of the Zionist entity, watching its aggressions, allowing its violations. It does nothing; the US is silently blessing and defending these atrocities at the international assemblies. Just when Palestinians get fed up with Israeli oppression, the colonists intensify their efforts in order to weaken their will. 


However, this American approach has become inefficient, as its repeating support of the Israeli violence only exposed the US's policy  which is created through the Zionist prism. Besides, the Palestinian reactions are no longer controlled by anyone, which used to be the case. It is due to the fact that the Israeli extremism has become unbearable. Furthermore, Palestinians have become aware that the Zionist entity wants to eradicate their existence whether they stayed silent and peaceful or if they protested. Thus Palestinians have come to believe that death is better than remaining submissive. 


This awareness complicates the US's approach. John Kerry's meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders was not meant to be an effort to reach an agreement of peace, which means, that the United States will not demand of Israel to abandon its settlement plans, or to decline its idea of Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is a holy site for Muslims. The Palestinian uprising is complicating life within the Hebrew state, and it's threatening the internal stability, which is unbearable by a society that is used to live in harmony and prosperity. It also means a regional and international embarrassment to the US.


The only objective the US is seeking, is to lay pressure on the Palestinian Authority to work on calming down the uprising, no matter if this leads to tensions within the oppressed state, and threatens the relation between the authority and its people. The US believes that the breakdown of the Palestinian territories is better than tension and pressure within the Zionist entity. This all has become clear to everyone inside and outside of Palestine. Thus they have to take the initiative to be united, and to develop a policy that sheds light on the US's role, that is simply buying time for the sake of Israeli mission.