Recently the Turkish press reported: "US soldiers arrived in Kobane to train Kurdish forces fighting ISIL. Kurdish sources answer that the soldiers will help with planning out military operations in Jarabulus and Raqqa." There is no doubt that the US will finally surrender Jarabulus to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and will fill in the missing piece of the Kurdish sector. It seems that Russia support this action as well. 


Russian general recently claimed that Turkish jets have ambushed a Russian plane. Is this possible? Perhaps in some ways. Here is what Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "We signed an agreement with the US to prevent such things. We are sharing our flight path data about the operations to the US and they are sharing it with other coalition members. The details of the downed plane must be transmitted as well."


Strategy expert Cahit Dilek thinks: 


"If there was really an ambush, the US might be the responsible party for this incident. You may ask how. If Russia is really sharing data with the US about their flight paths and the US is not sharing it with Turkey, then the US predicted that Turkey would shoot at a Russian jet, as well as the Syrian one."

This view should not be underestimated. Because everything is developing according to the US demands and Washington is in no rush to deal with the downed Russian jet.