Is there a link between the Turkish downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber with the mass exodus of migrants to Europe and what is President Obama's role in this mess? It's comes down to funding and corporate interests. President  Erdogan previously warned Moscow about violating Turkish airspace. Meanwhile, Russian intelligence confirmed that there is an oil pipeline in the area where Ankara hit the Russian bomber Su-24.


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that the pipeline, which provides Turkey with oil and runs from the Syrian-Turkish border towards the refinery in the deep Turkish lands was built by ISIL. It is not a coincidence that Russian PM accuses the Turkish elite of having direct financial interests and ties in the oil seized by ISIL. This had deeply impacted Turkey, after it downed Russian Su-24 bomber.


A month ago, US Secretary of State and former CIA operative John Kerry revealed that the oil from ISIL terrorists, is transported through an unknown pipeline to Turkish territories. These transactions are easily controlled through bribes by a few local leaders — who follow Erdogan's AKP (Justice and Development party) – within a corrupt cluster of the Turkish Government led by Ahmet Davutoglu. ISIL's returns from the oil sales are a monthly sum of $50-60 million. The strange thing is that those pieces of information were exposed by the former CIA operative and now Secretary of State. Meanwhile Erdogan indulges in the huge returns from his secret cooperation with ISIL.

 Churkin: Turkey&US were obliged to inform UNSC about ISIS trafficking stolen oil, but didn’t


This brings up a question: Is it a coincidence that Turkey downed the Russian Su-24 on the pretext of violating its airspace? It is not a coincidence at all. Russia Private Intelligence Service observed convoys of oil trucks, belonging to ISIL, crossing the region where Russian bomber was downed. Furthermore, this area is close to the Turkish Incirlik Air Base which is used by both American and NATO aircrafts. It is 200 km from the Syrian-Turkish borders. Thus it is clear that it is not possible for a fighter to take off from the mentioned Turkish base in order to shoot down the Russian bomber. Military experts believe that Turkish fighters didn’t only plan a trap for the SU-24 but waited for it. 


All doubts disappear when certain people were reported to be “accidentally” at the location filming the downing of the Russian bomber. Those people belong to an opposition minority group called the Syrian Turkmens, who are followers of Ankara leadership.

© AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stands at the mausoleum of Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Ankara, Turkey

Given the response from Europe, the US, and NATO, it is clear that the Turkish scheme will not fool them. The reasons for which world's powers are  involved in the geopolitical conflict in the Arab region are very clear. Even key players realize that Turkey doesn't want to be involved in a major conflict or a direct confrontation with the terrorists. Turkey is a country which benefits the most, economically and politically from existence of ISIL. 


For three year now Ankara has been working to topple Bashar al-Assad. One of the means is employing the Turkmen minority in "Battalion 12.” Training and arming them through Turkish Intelligence in order to directly interfere in the region under the pretext of protecting its "citizens." This explains Turkish request to turn the northern area as a no-fly zone, in an attempt to prevent Syrian forces and Russian strikes against the terrorists. This also explains the Ottoman game, which makes Turkey an international player, through prolonging the Syrian conflict, leading it to the confrontation between NATO and Russia, and then taking Iran out of the game.


It is certain though that Ankara's plan is set for failure. Some sources are confirming that Turkey has a new "loyal" candidate for Syria to replace Bashar al-Assad. Then Arab oil and gas will pass to Europe through Syria after dividing Syrian territories. Then the next step will be Europe. However, these Turkish dreams are tumbling under the Syrian-Russian strikes.


There is an big issue with Ankara joining the anti-ISIL coalition. Turkey  shares one goal with the terrorists — it is to wipe out Kurds in order to control oil and gas reserves in the Kurdish regions. Moreover, Turkey is seeking to get NATO involved in order to form a new scenario for the Middle East, where it is divided ethnically, religiously, and ideologically. It aims to keep Middle Eastern regions in a state of war, thus keeping Israel's secure command in the region. Another important outcome of the grand scheme is possession of oil and gas of the eastern Arab regions and transferring those resources to Europe. Thus cutting Russia's gas exports to Europe. It's worth mentioning that Russia is the only powerful gas exporter to Europe. Of course Turkey wants to see a big hit to Russian economy, which is based on gas exports.


Until now, Turkey had its borders open for migrants and refugees heading to Europe. Many European countries wonder why German Chancellor Merkel continues to submit to the will of the White House. The answer lies with the US Intelligence, which has been monitoring and tapping Merkel’s phone since 2013.


Some believe that there is a deal between Merkel and Erdogan. In the heart of this alleged deal, Germany eases its visa regime for Turkey, which in its part closes its borders to migrants. Furthermore, the “accidental” downing of the Russian bomber occurred in the time when Europe turns to Russia, through French President Hollande, to combat ISIL. However, NATO, which has been avoiding to get deeply involved in the Russian-Turkish tension – increased Erdogan's anger, by stressing the necessity of a dialogue to avoid repeat of such “accidents.” In the same context, US companies working in gas have suffered significant losses, which made them unable to pay back their debts to the banks.