What if the Middle East is to be fragmented back to the borders before WWI, when the lands were under control of the Ottoman Empire? Israel has had its interests in this major divide for decades. Today history repeats itself, and this new map of the Arab region is closer to reality. 


“Well-known experts on modern Arab history will gather in Princeton University in June to redraw the map of the Middle East. What will they take as an example? The system that the Ottoman Empire applied in the 19 century, means separating people by means of natural borders determined according to their religion instead of borders drawn on  paper.


If this system is to succeed, the Middle East will look like a mosaic consisting of small autonomous states which have their own laws and religious justice system taking Islamic rules as a basis. Just like it was in under the control of the Ottoman Empire. But following the Sykes-Picot agreement secretly signed in 1916 between France and Great Britain during WWI, new states like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan were founded in the Middle East.


According to the Israeli plan, which is to be discussed in the Princeton meeting, all the religious groups in the Middle East would have a country, which means Maronites would live in Lebanon, Druzes would live in Syria and Lebanon, Kurdish people would have a specific land in Syria and Iraq, Shi'ites would be in southern Iraq and some parts of Iran and Sunnis would live in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. All these states would gather under a federation or a confederation. Syria is doing its best to prevent this from happening. It is alleged that Syrian leader's efforts to be stay in power for another 7 years is an attempt to prevent Israel's plan to fragment the Middle East. 

Will the Israeli plan, which will be reviewed in Princeton, be successful? Considering that the moderator of the talks is Professor Bernard Lewis — one of the strongest supporters of Zionism.”


This article was published in May 1978. 


The talks held at Princeton University are highly important as they prove that the plans to fragment Iraq and Syria date back to long years ago and the new plan to divide the Middle East is driven by Israel. It is also noteworthy that the Ottoman system is taken as a basis in this plan. Imperialism is now drawing this map step by step bringing it closer to reality.  


We already know what they are planning for Iraq and Syria, but one must wonder which country is next to be divided and conquered.