“International sanctions on Iran have been lifted after its compliance with obligations under its nuclear agreement with world powers was certified” reports BBC. 

These world powers can be named differently, in accord with one's ideology: the West, neocolonial, imperialistic, or developed. But the essence of the issue is that there are 'powers' which manipulate and organize the world according to their interests, meanwhile oppressing the countries which don't follow the lead or refuse to fall under control of these so called 'powers'. 


They have manipulated international community for 10 years, saying that “Iran will make nuclear weapons.” The US intelligence agencies started having doubts about Iran's nuclear program in 2003. At the same time International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) urgently notified the members that Iran's program distorted from a peaceful path, pointing at what opposition sources in Iran have said. But it is interesting that it took only a year and a half for the West to be persuaded that Iran will not resume it's nuclear program. After all IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said they couldn't find any explicit proof that Iran could produce nuclear weapons, in the report dated March 2015 referred to today. 


Even Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's was dismissed when he insisted that the final nuclear agreement would enable Iran to produce weapons in a few weeks in the UN. Or was the allegation of Iran's nuclear capability a strategic manipulation all along, just like the allegation that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?

What's next? One needs to think about the future without current political clichés. Yet not forgetting that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government, which was bounded with economic sanctions during the years when we were made to believe Iran was a nuclear threat, is gone with the wind. In other words this long nuclear deal process eliminated a party in power. Moreover, despite the embargo, Iran had financed wars in many countries in the Middle East. The lifting of sanctions, albeit implicitly, could mean that Iran terminated it's support of the attitude that's not always in line with the West.