Russia's arms sales are double the US's sales. Russian military developments mock US's expensive gadgets. Moscow is signing agreements with India and building ties with China. Russia supports France and awaits for the collapse of the US dollar, and the breakdown of the  EU, which with it's policies is to be blamed to the terrorism threat spilled on its territories. 


The US's decline is near, yet there is no particular reaction to what is happening. Colonel McGregor, General Flynn and Rabbi Zakheim's reports emphasize Russia's lead in the Syrian war, as well as Putin's geopolitical strategy, which ultimately relies on the fact that Russia, not the US, is in the heart of the world. The Russian Empire is Mackinder's 'World Island.' An who controls the  'Heartland' dominates the  'World-Island.'


It was enough to just adopt a more modern rearmament program and raise the morale of the troops (22  of US veterans commit suicide daily). Today most of US experts admit that their devisions do not play a major role — in Europe or in some kind of confrontation with Russia. We also see that the achievements of Russian and Chinese navy will put an end to the supremacy of American aircraft carriers. There is no end to the talk on this subject, yet we do not hear much about it in the French media, which is all-knowing and all-encompassing. But is it really surprising?


The American superpower is rapidly losing its statehood, as Philippe Grasset said. French socialists — Guy Mollet's successors, are kicking themselves after the two recent tragedies. But hopefully, it's still possible to push them forward. The current American matrix, which practically has nothing to do with the late power, secretly tries to push its rotten trade agreements and arranges invasion of the nailed down Europe. The US takes advantage of what de Gaulle in his memoirs called 'fear of emptiness,' meaning England's diplomatic domination over  republican France.


Army honor guards wait for the arrival of French President François Holland at Andrews Air Force Base, Md
© AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana
Behind Curtain: ISIL's True Enemy


When one looks at the current wavering of US's policies, it bring to mind Sun Tzu's old reflections on war: one must leave a way for the enemy to retreat, otherwise he could go in a desperate attack. Let us see whether Pentagon, which has been driven into a corner (it has been struggling with  poor leadership for 20 years already), will commit the irreparable (against China or Russia), while at the same time refusing to join the coalition against US's own well established monster — ISIL, which Vladimir Putin has been fighting.