Once a serious terrorist attack occurs, such as — the Paris November 13 tragedy, and the Mali attack, which followed a week later — the West and the Islamic world start a fierce dispute to determine who is responsible for the spreading of the terrorist virus. Each side kicks the ball to the other and displays his certificate of good conduct, declaring themselves as innocent. This goes on until the same scenario repeats again with another incident that shakes the world.


The chaos begins and ends without a clear and transparent answer that could form a solid background or at least a starting point for a serious attempt to fight terrorism in a unified front that gathers all those who believe and care about rescuing humanity from the terrorists' intentions. These terrorist groups proclaim themselves as protectors of the world, and issue heretic judgments according to their desires and moods.

Yellow roses stand wedged into names carved in the granite at the South Pool of the National September 11 Memorial
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Which International Crises Will Go Forgotten After Paris Attacks?


While we are too busy looking for the mastermind behind ISIL and exchange accusations, terrorists take advantage of this time reinforcing their positions, regrouping, boosting their organizational abilities to form  a council that takes care of their coordination, and management of their atrocities. For instance, the terrorists who spread the fear in Paris, are very close to Al-Qaeda, which is responsible for planning the attack in Mali. Although Al-Qaida is relatively "moderate" in respect to ISIL, whose brutality has gone beyond the ration and religion — both of them work for a common goal, which is to destabilize the West and mercilessly punish it for "fighting Islam." 


This goal makes all the disagreements and disputes of the extremist groups fade away, it unifies them to strike Europe and the US with a  severe force, but before that hurting Muslims themselves, who are still unable to explain to the West and its allies that they are the first victim of religion's brokers who manipulate its texts. The "terrorism management council" thinks it can imprison the West by taking advantage of its weak moment and its fear, when being subjected to such tragedies as September 11, or those of London, and most recently  — Paris. ISIL believes it can take advantage of the fragmentation and disintegration between westerners and Muslims.


Westerners say that Islam and its instructions are responsible for the spread of terrorism. Some western powers go too far and call for the expulsion of Muslims, denying entrance to Muslim refugees, burning mosques and Qurans, and other ugly racist acts. Muslims, in turn, continuously stress that terrorism is in fact a creation of the West and the US; that Washington and other western powers support extremists, and use them as a manipulation tool; and also that westerners haven't listened to the advices coming from the Middle Eastern countries —  that terrorists are basically time-bombs which will wreak havoc on their countries.


Actually, Muslims are imprisoned by conspiracy theories, and the belief that the West is working hard day and night weaving plots against them and their religion, without facing their own mistakes which also have generated extremism that leads in the end to terrorism. They don't stand against those liars who talk in the name of Islam, the religion of tolerance and humanity. Instead they give way to the television propaganda, enabling them to broadcast their poisons, preaching to the public about the "Western Crusaders" and the inevitable fight and confrontation with the western powers. Some of them are so offensive and insolent that they gloat the western victims and even the Muslim ones who don't share the the same destructive extremist thoughts. 

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An Indian Muslim man holds a banner during a protest against ISIS

Muslims keep insulting the West and in the end of the day they enjoy the luxury of its inventions, products, and IT innovations. Just think about all the ISIL Twitter accounts. Nobody talks about this incredible double standard. Many of Muslims go to Europe seeking refuge, better living opportunities, and freedom — and some of them raise high walls isolating them from the societies where they live, avoiding integration and living inside a ghetto, as if they haven't left their countries. They themselves in the lap of extremists, judge their surroundings and seek change through force to establish their Caliphate. What right do they have to do so? 


If they reject these "obscene infidel societies," why don't they go back to their own countries. One can say: "You are prejudiced against Muslims,” or "the West is not innocent", "westerners are not honest saints," etc. However, there is a point here, except for the fact that Muslims' greatest mistake is that they are avoiding transparency, and self-criticism.


In turn, the West should review its history of local terrorism, before insulting Muslims and slamming them with its nonstop criticism. Let's mention Timothy McVeigh, an American terrorist responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing which took lives of 168 people, and hundreds of injured. McVeigh's atrocity was aimed against the Federal government for killing 80 people of the Branch Davidian religious group whose head claimed to be Jesus Christ.


The West has also been the initiator of terrorist organizations that it employed in catastrophic plans to extend its influence and control over certain parts of the world, or in its conflicts with other grand powers. Syria is the current example. Europe was hypnotized by the idea that it is the finest and purest humankind intellectually, ideologically, as well as technology advanced, and that hatred and envy of Europe are eating the hearts of Muslims. The West is also evading recognition of its faults, which are represented in its policies, military interventions, and destabilization of oppressed nations, transforming their citizens into miserable refugees searching for a safe place to live.


The monster of terrorism does not differentiate between Muslims and Christians, between the West and the Middle East, between developed countries and developing ones — so the all the parties should remember that they share one interest. Therefore, if they really want to destroy ISIL, then there is no escape from real cooperation, because the alternative would be mass destruction. The West should remember that it could only abolish Nazism through a collective fight and the unity of all of its people together.