As soon as Barack Obama took office as the president of the US, he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize. 'The Nobel people' knew he was to serve the peace cause. On April 5, 2009 Obama visited Turkey, which was the first Muslim country he went to. To emphasize the importance of the visit he gave an important speech to the Turkish parliament reinforcing his position in the region. On June 5, he first went to Saudi Arabia and then Egypt, where he made a speech at Cairo University. He said democracy was “sine qua non.”


The equation follows: AKP model+Saudi money+ Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. 16 months have passed and Arab Spring took off in Tunisia. Barack Obama was reelected the following year, as US's policies continued supporting the bloodshed the region. Even US experts stressed that ISIL, Al-Nusra Front, and similar radical Islamist groups were created by by the CIA or at least were supported at the early stage of development. Vice President Joe Biden said "Turkey and Saudi Arabia are to blame for this" in June 2014. For some reason he did not mention Qatar. 


It has been more than 4 years since the violence erupted in Syria. Everyone, including Obama keeps saying: "There will be no solution with Bashar al-Assad in power, who killed 300 thousand people." Haven't ISIL, Al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army, and other terrorist groups killed any Syrians? Are the execution videos that the terrorists share on YouTube shot for movie scenes? Who is responsible for the death of at least 100 thousand Syrian soldiers and security staff? Obama and his aids have never been exactly candid. It is an inseparable part of imperialism. US and its western allies created the disastrous situation in Syria. They are now saying "Assad must go," since the Syrian leader has “killed his own citizens.” Yet, what about who are killing Syrian people?

Syrian refugee children play at a temporary refugee camp in Irbil, northern Iraq. Some 240,000 refugees who fled the fighting in Syria now live in Iraq
© AP Photo/Seivan M. Salim
Western Dependence to Conquer vs Mistakes of Islamic World

50 thousand fighters from 82 countries have entered Syria, to torture, kill, and destroy all including historical artifacts of the country, but nobody would touch them. This must be the imperialist disgrace and arrogance. Serving to imperialism cannot be done in any other way. Obama's comments on the downed Russian jet were agitating. The US leader is at the top of imperialist agenda. 



Hasn't Obama promised to bring peace to Afghanistan and Iraq? He promised a change and that's why people voted for him. Yet, Barack Obama followed George W. Bush's legacy and destroyed Middle Eastern region with his Arab Spring scenario. Now the battlefield is moving into Yemen and Libya. There are other countries waiting for their turn.  ISIL only fuels US's plans for the Middle East for half price in exchange for the arms supply.