There's more and more talk of World War III. Pope Francis, who has just returned from a trip on which he had faced many forms of warfare, said he saw — "a world filled with fighting," "a war-torn world." But how does a world war come into the picture in the light of recent events? The expression “world war”, both during the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945) meant that all or almost all the countries in the world had entered into two warring coalitions fighting against each other. These were — the Central Powers and the Allies during World War I, and the Axis and the Allies during World War II. Today there are no confrontations between two warring coalitions.


Therefore, World War III is not going on and is nowhere near, nor are there any regional wars divorced from each other. But currently there are three conflicts that can provoke a global war in the world. First is a conflict between the US and Russia. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, America was afraid of a possible economic union between Russia and Western European countries, which could become too powerful, and therefore the US did everything to cut Russia off from Europe, and then set them against Islamic countries.

Shiite faithful pilgrims gather between, the holy shrine of Imam Hussein, bottom, and the holy shrine of Imam Abbas, top, during preparations for the Muslim holiday of Ashoura in the Shiite holy city of Karbala
© AP Photo/Hadi Mizban
Global Conflict Decides Arab Destiny


The second conflict is the revival of revolutionary spirit in Islamic world. Radical movements arose in many countries,  from the Philippines to Algeria, with the supporters striving to return to their roots, when the armies of the first caliphs were conquering the world and imposing Islam and Sharia Law across-the-board, even on the residents of Western nations. The bloodthirsty gangs are making war and spreading terror in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Africa, where Boko Haram operates.


The third conflict exploded inside the Muslim world itself — between the Shiites and the Sunnis of Islamic countries. The main Sunni countries, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — confronted Iran, Iraqi Shiites, and Syria. The war is raging on the territories of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. 



To sum it up, it has to be said that currently there is no world war, however there are three conflicts with local wars. But what about us, Europeans? We are under the US's control. We were told to impose sanctions on Russia and take all the refugees and migrants from Asia and Africa — and we obey.