Recently Egypt celebrated its fifth anniversary of  the January 25 Revolution of 2011. It bears different memories — some painful, some joyful. There were constructive dreams, and destructive thoughts. The January uprising represents a combined reaction where Egyptians' dreams have met interests of the West. Hopes for a better future and riddance of a corrupt regime met with the interests of the US to dominate Egypt. This turn of events turned Egyptians' dreams for positive change into a destructive machine that has ruined the country. For Egyptians, January 25 is a commemoration of their revolution, where people demanded change — rejecting corruption in favor of building  new Egypt on the basis of justice, freedom, and dignity. Meanwhile, Cairo's enemies took advantage of this vulnerable moment for the country to try to gain control of the state.


Now there are groups and individuals who wish to come back to the political scene, after they ruined the country for their personal benefits. For instance, terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, would like to see a third uprising  against the current regime (the first one was the January 2011, the second in June 2013). The Islamist group is living an awful illusion — they are not aware that they are rejected in Egypt and their ideas have no public support. Muslim Brotherhood also doesn't recognize that the organization is a thing of the past, which is no doubt very painful for Turkey, which has funded and supported the terrorist group.

Bystanders join members of a youth group supporting Muslim Brotherhood at a rally to protest against the Egyptian government in Giza's Nahia district, Egypt, Tuesday, June 23, 2015
© AP Photo/Belal Darder
USAID Penetrates Egypt's Publishing Industry

The January 25 uprising as well as successive uprisings in the Arab region turned the American dream into an awful nightmare after the intent of the US-Israel-UK "evil triangle" failed. The grand scheme is to fragment the Middle East and turn it into small states fighting each other. Although this plot is working in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, it has failed in Egypt. Cairo stands out as the only exception, because the people and the Egyptian  army stood together against the totalitarian fascist regime that got wiped out in the June 30, 2013 uprising, which has given Egypt back its unity and power and has proven to the world that the Egyptian people and its army are together.


The Arab Spring uprisings, as some believe them to be, have been transformed from revolutions against failing regimes into mass destruction of the states. They were in fact supported by the Western powers, which since the nineties aimed to topple all regimes that declare its rejection of  American hegemony — regimes such as Syria, Libya, and Iraq. It's the same for the Egyptian people that condemn US administration as much as they condemn Israel, which pushed American intelligence to administer strategic plans to undermine key Arab states — Syria, Iraq, and Egypt in order to fragment them. Everybody witnessed the rise of the US intelligence in the political sphere in these key countries. Some have succeeded in some Arab countries. As for Egypt — it stood strongly against these destructive forces.


The US, Israel, and UK imagined it to be an easy task in Egypt, especially after the January 25 uprising and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood who gained power. Yet the Western powers recognized how difficult the matter is, after Egyptian people blocked the US's long-term plan, by ousting the Muslim Brotherhood from the political scene, in the uprising of June 30, 2013. After the fifth anniversary of the June 30 uprising there were those that believed that on January 25, 2016 a new revolution will happen which will bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power. But those speculations are far from reality. For Egypt, that is a matter of the past.